4 Different Ways to Bind

Finishing a project is exciting!  If you’re like me though, you may be slightly apprehensive about adding the binding on.  After all the work I’ve done, I’d hate to botch the project by messing up the binding.  Well, I just put all my fears aside, rewatch my favourite YouTube tutorial, and get to it.  So far, I’ve discovered four different methods of binding.  All of the following links are to amazingly awesome quilters I’ve found on YouTube.  I highly recommend you subscribe to their channels!  Be sure to save this page for later reference. Feel free to post links to your favourite Binding tutorials in the comments below.


1. Machine Binding Back To Front: This is the quickest, easiest method to bind a project.

My go-to method: https://youtu.be/Pq2Q3F17lv0

My favourite “ultimate” binding guide (perfect for beginners): https://youtu.be/0vCWpxBRs20

Quickest straight forward tutorial: https://youtu.be/xWh90tXr7g4


2. Machine Binding Front to Back: This method turns out looking amazing!

SURPRISE TO ME!! My favourite quilter, Ms. Elenor Burns (Quilt in a Day), teaches us how to do my favourite method of binding in the shortest amount of time!  Watch this FIRST to get a great overview of quilt binding in less than 4 minutes: https://youtu.be/c85voeoj50Y

A thorough tutorial: https://youtu.be/dQgjp4Upt8w

The quicker version (move ahead 9 minutes to get to the good stuff): https://youtu.be/BbfjGedSIa0


3. Machine Bind Without Binding: This is commonly done on baby blankets, but I think it’s a nice way to finish larger quilts too!

The BEST way: https://youtu.be/TtXmuARqg38

The other way: https://youtu.be/lqwdNqMZ8Ro

This is how I finished the quilt I designed for my mom!


4. Hand Sewn Finish:

Here’s this girl’s tutorial for finishing the binding by hand (Crafty Gemini!!!): https://youtu.be/fJvDOEFlJ4s


5. Wide Binding: “Whattt?  The title only says four!!”

I discovered this NEW (to me) method of binding while preparing this blog!  I’ve never done this before, but go ahead and try it out.  Let me know about your experience with this method in the comments below.  https://youtu.be/XtZVTE9lDSI


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  1. I enjoy all the different styles of binding, but my favourite is the wide binding.

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